Prayer for Christmas time


Lord thank you that you know us so well -

And love us so unreservedly.


We wander and waver and falter and fail

We run

We hide

We wave our fists in frustration

We give in to temptation with barely a struggle

And we offer loyalty to the false gods around


And still you love us

Still you come to our broken lives

With healing and hope


Still you seek us out in the wilderness of our need

Till your hands bleed.


This Christmas season, we are made to wonder again

In song and story that such love is ours

And marvel at the miracle of


The God with us


In our pain

Our hurting

Our loss

Our confusion

Our profound and piercing  need.


Today as we listen to the story

And sing the miracle

 help us to see again

The difference being loved like that

Can make to us –

If we will let you near.


If we will make a place for you

In our heart





Lord we know that:

The other side of celebration is the extra sharpness of grief and loss

The piercing cold of loneliness

The bitter taste of poverty


Tonight a prayer for those who will be cold and lonesome, while the party goes on around them – and whose feeling of being unloved lies on their heart like a shroud.


Tonight a prayer for those who sense of loss will ache in them with a terrible hurting – and whose emptiness will feel all the more cruel among the laughter and the songs


Tonight a prayer for those whose little seems so little indeed compared with the plenty of so many – those whose poverty rises up in their faces – and their hopelessness fills them with despair.


Tonight a prayer for those who only have the counterfeit Christmas – and who will not glance towards the soft light of the stable.


Lord take our prayers and transform them from words into compassion and from compassion into action.


Show us how to love others with a generous and ridiculous love – that makes no rules and sets no boundaries – your kind of profligate dangerous costly love. Unsettling and terrible – the kind that makes a difference.

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